Digital Marketing trend you can’t ignore in 2021

In today’s age of technology, digital marketing is required for almost every field, whether it is business, news portals, online learning platforms, e-commerce, and more. IN 2019, when the COVID-19 pandemic came, more people came to know the power of digital marketing. Many small businesses established their service online and started reaching their potential customer through digital marketing. Digital marketing can boost your presence in today’s digital world. Who doesn’t want visibility or growth or sales for their service? Everyone wants right? Digital marketing makes it possible and helps you to reach your target in n times speed than you are having at present.

Let’s explore the digital marketing trend you can’t ignore in 2021.

1. Chatbots

While visiting the website you might have noticed the pop-up on your desktop, ready to help the visitors with questions that use AI-based technology to do instant replies to the visitors. This is another important part of the digital marketing trend in 2021. Chatbots are available 24/7 are ready to respond anytime for a better experience for the visitors. Other than websites, chatbots are used in the application too. Online e-commerce use chatbots to find about the customers more, and the online service by Ola, Uber in India also uses chatbots on their application that helps passengers to track the location of the driver.



Chatbot in Digital Marketing

2.Video Marketing

Another emerging trend in 2021 for digital marketing is video marketing. Visuals are more attractive to anyone. The company prefers video marketing nowadays that attracts their potential customers.

 In past, there were very few platforms to promote your products through online video but currently, there are many platforms today with millions of users. Brand promotion through short videos or reels is a new trend where brands are trying to include special features in the video and gets the attention of their potential customer in 20-30 seconds videos. Tiktok, Instagram Reels, YouTube reels, Mx Takatak, and many more platforms are in the market for reels promotion.

3.The User-Generated Content

Customers are likely to trust customers more than brands. Simply it means, if the user is itself helping to generate content for the product, this will generate sales for the brand. The very famous company named GoPro started their campaign to advertise their product through UGC. They came up with challenges with proper hashtags for their product and the existing user started posting with that hashtags and indirectly the existing user generating content. User-generated content helps brands to make relationships better.

4.Visual Search by Google Lens

Many people in the future are going to search for their product online by visual by which they can get exact or similar kind of product and automatically land them to the relevant store, selling the searched product. Other than google lenses, there are Pinterest lens and CamFind.

Google Lens

Google Lens Marketing


5.Marketing with an influencer

A face-value influencer with huge followers can help you in 2021 to market because their word of mouth reaches many. Marketing with the influencer for the same niche as yours would target the audience for your niche and more likely to get your sales.

6.Marketing with Lead generation

 This might be the best and cheapest marketing strategy that is emerging in 2021. Lead generation is a way to reach directly to the potential customer. After generating leads, one can go and target that customer who is more inclined towards your product and more likely to buy your product.

7.Social Media Marketing

social media

social media marketing

Social media presence helps in building the brand image overall. Having social media presence for your brand will also help in generating sales with a call to action on your page handle. Moreover, it is way more important because a brand can have an interaction with the customer. And interacting with the customer gives you feedback for the brand about the goods and bad, what’s need to upgrade in future, what they like, what kind of products they expect.

Here are some social media that you would go with for your brand presence for digital marketing:


While talking about social media, Facebook is the first one that comes to my mind. Not only this happens to me but with almost everyone as Facebook is the old player in the digital marketing area. Marketers used to promote their product even now but it has more users than any other social media platform. There is a lot more feature for the only marketer, promoting advertised post or video within a specific location with a particular category of people that would be more interested in your kind of product.


LinkedIn is all about professional and formal interaction social media among all the brilliant minds out there where people focus more on learning and engaging with a creative mind for the betterment of their career. Companies are using LinkedIn to find out the productive employee. But no doubt, there is the LinkedIn video were people are going to use as marketing in 2021.



Instagram also comes with its best and is different from other features for the marketing section. You can create a handle for the shop with a call to action that allows your customer to reach you. Recent reel update on Instagram has made marketers promote with short content video. And IGTV for the long content video which is going to be useful that you can’t ignore in 2021.

8. SEO

The very fast-growing trend in the digital marketing world is SEO without a doubt. It tends to be a more valuable skill that one must know of. SEO really helps in increase the visibility of your brand. It literally increases the traffic to your website.

9.Email Marketing

Getting people email IDs by getting them to sign up through a blog is the best way today people are following. There is another one by using the freemium model, first providing free service to collect interest customer and then after collecting email for the customer and making them aware for your premium service. Those who are interested in getting free service might likely get impressed and want to purchase the premium one.

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Konnectogrow July 18, 2021