Instagram account types and which is right for you- personal, creator, or business?

Most of us use Instagram to connect with our family and friends. This type of account is called a personal account but nowadays it’s not limited to just for personal connect but many businesses generating millions of revenues using this platform.

Well, those are creator accounts and business accounts. Now, you must be wondering to select the best one for you. Please take a look below to know which type of account suits you.

1.Personal Account

A personal account comes with basic features that users generally enjoy. These features are the very important kind of features available in personal accounts along with creator and business accounts. This account provides you to connect with your friends and family to stay up to date. You can scroll the feed section to see others’ content and if you like the post, you can like, comment and share.

Personal Account has no feature of any analytics access. The only benefit of a personal account is privacy. You can use Instagram without getting known to strangers. Only the known guy who follows you will be able to see your activities. Another best feature is to make your friend close.

Instagram Account

Instagram Personal Account

Is It for you?

If you are a user who just wants to share personal posts, stories, or anything that you want to make sure to keep updated about yourself to your followers.

If you are looking for fun, this is for you.

2. Creator Account

This type of account was added in 2019 to meet the special requirement for the content creators who are continuously trying to build their presence in the market. Content creators are public, unlike personal accounts. Users get in contact with their followers and fans and promote the brand.

From here the concept of Influencer marketing comes into the picture. Check more here about Influencer marketing

Instagram Creator Account

Instagram Creator Account

Creator accounts come with more features than personal accounts to create a brand on social media.

Some of the feature creator accounts include:

  • The Insight: This feature allows users to analyze their overall activities such as reach on the post, profile visits, saves, number of shares, website clicks. Users can view the audience’s demographic data.
  • Call to Action: Content creators have the accessibility to add a call-to-action button on their profile which actually helps the creator to connect with the audience.
  • Two-tab Inbox: This feature helps to filter the chat or the messages in the inbox. The primary box shows only important messages received from the accounts you follow and the message creator wants to notify. And another general box that shows the message that the creator doesn’t want to notify for. requests that are not important to you.

Is it for you?

It is for you if you want to be an influencer and if you create content to build your presence in the public. If you want to earn some money by sharing your content, then a creator account is for you.

3. Business Account

The brand and company create the business account to access the features that help in the growth of their company. Business accounts are for better reach in the public and better marketing.

There are features that I have already mentioned in the creator account. All of them are also in business accounts but with more advanced features to help in the growth of the business.

If you have a business and want to grow the social media presence, a business account would be the perfect type.

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Konnectogrow July 28, 2021