Boost Your Salon Business: Invest in the Ultimate Salon App

In the competitive world of salon business in the Netherlands, staying ahead of the curve is essential to attract and retain clients. The key to success lies in adopting innovative solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations. If you’re a salon owner looking to take your business to the next level, investing in a cutting-edge salon app can be a game-changer. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the salon app for sale in the Netherlands and how it can revolutionize your salon business.


  1. Online Booking System: One of the standout features of this salon app is its robust online booking system. Simplify appointment management and eliminate the hassles of manual scheduling by allowing clients to book their appointments directly through the app. This not only saves time but also ensures a seamless experience for your customers.
  2. Visibility and Exposure: With the app’s extensive user base, your salon gains increased visibility, reaching potential clients who are actively searching for salon services in the Netherlands. This exposure can significantly boost your salon’s online presence, attracting a broader audience and driving more bookings.
  3. Customizable Profiles: Tailor your salon’s profile on the app to showcase your unique services, specialties, and promotions. Utilize high-quality images and engaging descriptions to make your salon stand out, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients who browse the app.
  4. Inventory Management: The salon app ensures your inventory is up to date so that you don’t get a bad experience while the customer is visiting and you are out of stock for particular things. You will be notified when things are required in your inventory .
  5. Secure Payment Processing: The salon app ensures secure and hassle-free payment processing for both you and your clients. With integrated payment options, you can streamline transactions and reduce the reliance on cash, creating a more efficient and secure financial system.
  6. Reviews and Ratings: Making informed decisions is crucial, and the app facilitates this by allowing users to read reviews and ratings from fellow customers. This feature helps users choose salons with excellent service quality and builds trust within the community.
  7. Real-Time Availability: Stay in control of your schedule with the app’s real-time availability feature. Users can check the current openings at their favorite salons, making it easy to find a suitable time that fits into their busy lives. This ensures flexibility for both customers and salon owners.

In conclusion, the modules integrated into the ultimate salon app are designed to empower salon owners, streamline operations, and enhance the overall salon experience. By investing in a comprehensive salon app with these advanced modules, you’re not just managing a salon – you’re revolutionizing the way your business operates. Stay ahead of the curve, delight your clients, and elevate your salon to new heights with the transformative power of these cutting-edge modules. The future of salon management is here – embrace it with open arms!

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Konnectogrow January 9, 2024

Cost of Doctor on Demand App

The medical sector is one of the areas in which technological innovation has undergone some drastic transformations. A few decades ago, the existing quality and precise nature of modern health services were unthinkable. Technological progress is unmistakably altering the healthcare sector.

This transformation has resulted in applications such as Doctor on Demand and Telemedicine. This business model benefits not just users or patients, but also doctors. Let’s check Doctor on Demand and Telemedicine Apps Cost and features.

What is Doctor on-Demand?

Doctor on-Demand is the easiest way to treat some medical and psychological conditions from the comfort of your home. It’s a video visit service where you can call up a board-certified physician or psychologist or lactation specialist and you can have an appointment right over your phone, your iPad, your tablet, or your PC. As long as you download their app you can get in contact with them and have a one-on-one consultation right then and there from the comfort of your own home. You just need to download the application and share some info about your symptoms and you will be connected to a physician within minutes or make an appointment to see a psychologist.

Doctor on-Demand lets you see and talk to a live board-certified doctor. Just follow some steps and benefit the services:

  • List your symptoms
  • Tell your history
  • Start your visit with greetings
  • Show your symptoms using the camera on your phone or iPad

The doctor will prescribe the medicines or suggest going for further tests if required.

Market Size and Statistical Data for Doctor On-Demand Apps

Just under half of the employees in the Netherlands found the future vision of health exciting, with digital solutions, a critical component.

Health On Demand Netherlands

A survey was executed around major cities of the U.S. which exhibited that new patients that go to the hospital had to stay for 24 days for a visit with the physician.

  • 82% of the patients bobbed on the preference of creating technologies that would give rise to the process of obtaining healthcare benefits.
  • 77% of the patients stare to reach their physician through text messages.
  • 69% of patients like to possess virtual appointments with their physicians rather than offline visits.

With all the advantages that are being delivered by the doctor on-demand app, its industry is thriving at a rapid rate. Its result can be discerned in the fact that the international telehealth market which was estimated at around USD 4.50 billion in 2018 is predicted to reach a wealth of USD 32.71 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 24.7% during the forecast period.



Why are doctor on-demand apps getting so popular?

  1. More convenience: In rural or backward areas around the world, there are not many medical specialists. So, they have to travel a lot for treatment or to meet a doctor. Or wait for weeks for the appointment of a doctor to visit their place. And this health condition might get critical when the patient is a kid or an elder person. A remote doctor consulting application, in this case, lets sufferers connect with certified doctors in real-time. This provides them with the comfort of getting the right talk and healthcare services with a few clicks.
  2. Reduced paperwork: One of the main advantages of doctor on-demand platforms is that they allow health caregivers and patients to keep reports of all the details on mobile. This saves the time and hassle related to upholding in-office administrative paperwork.
  3. Cheaper Services: By making healthcare benefits convenient and available in real-time, while saving costs linked with ER trips and hospital admissions, telehealth treatments have also made these aids cheaper and accessible to all.
  4. Higher ROI: Such applications allow doctors to maintain a regular flow of patients without wasting more in terms of hospital staff, infrastructure, and equipment. This way, these apps comfort doctors in enjoying higher ROI.

How does a Doctor on Demand App work?

To make medical services convenient for both users and doctors, a Doctor on Demand is developed. The overall features are thus summarised in a small smartphone app and everything can be done with a couple of taps on the phone screen. But only here we mention essential functionalities to give you a clear image.

How Doctor on Demand Apps Work

How Doctor on Demand Apps Work


Revenue Model of a Doctor on Demand Application

It is crucial to define all possible ways of building revenue when developing an application for a Doctor on Demand.  It is worth knowing that creativity and imagination can help you to find more ways to make income from an app for a doctor.

Here are the three leading and most popular income models in your application.

  1. Commission Based: This income model is simple and comprehensive. In this case, a patient or user pays the medical services directly to the doctor and, for some reason, the application owner receives a commission. The application offers a platform for doctors to broaden the field of service and the doctor pays a commission for the application in return.
  2. Featured Listing: An application for Doctor on Demand is platform and hundreds of doctors and laboratories are available on this platform. 
    It is this abundance that makes it difficult for some doctors and laboratories to focus on patients. Therefore, paid listings will assist them when patients seek any particular medical help at the top of the search results.
  3. In-App Advertisement: Certain laboratories and medical or other health industries may want to display certain advertising in apps to get users’ attention. In-app advertising helps users learn about popular medical services providers and they pay for the application to show their ads in the app.

Features of a Doctor on Demand Mobile App

The Doctor on Demand app’s end-users certainly needs medical care. But there are actually 3 end-users.

  1. Users Or Patients
  2. Doctors
  3. Admin

Doctor Panel

Web/Mobile Panel Doctor’s Profile
Appointments Status Manage Appointments
Accept & Reject Request Track User location
Give Online Prescriptions Refill Medication
Patient Progression Chart Access Patient history & documents
Check Earning

Users Or Patients Panel

Social Sign Up/Login Create a User Profile
Upload Documents Dynamic Search Radius
Doctor identification Advanced Search Filters
Tracking Doctor’s Location Book Appointment OR Home Visit
In-APP, Chat, Calling, Video Electronic Medical Record
Setup Profile Post Appointment Requests
Loyalty Programs Prescription and medication tracker
Email, SMS & push notification Alerts Multiple Payment Modes
Provide Review & Rating

Admin Panel

Manage Users & Doctors CMS for News & Articles
Marketing Tools Real-time Analytics
Communication channels Report generation
Notification Module

How much would it cost to develop a doctor on-demand app?

The cost of development of Doctor on Demand applications may be affected by various factors.
The geographical location of the selected mobile app development firm affects the overall cost as well as a number of features.
Here is the list of countries where how much developer charges per hours :
USA: USD $150- USD $250 
Europe: USD $120- USD $180

Normally, the rate of development of fundamental doctor on-demand app varies between $3,000 to $80,000. Note that supplementary features will add to the cost.

How much time does it take to develop a doctor on-demand app?

If you are assigning your project to a professional development company like Konnectogrow, the development of a doctor’s on-demand app will roughly take 5 to 8 weeks. It also depends on  the number of features as well as the number of platforms (Android, iOs)

Challenges While Developing a Doctor on-Demand App

  • Data Security
  • Experience for Users
  • Monetary Compensation


Without a doubt, on-demand services are bringing it successfully on the planet of mobile applications. But, that accomplishment just arrives at you, when you possess a great plan to seek the market, a proper plan of undertaking at your verge, a faction of productive features, and a tech team to help you up. Abilities are enormous in the telemedicine market; you just need to explore it with the right technique.

If you are looking to develop mobile apps for your business then feel free to Connect with Konnect

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This is how you can create a Successful e-commerce business

Research, preparation, and passion are required when starting an online e-commerce business. You can reach the market of online consumers who purchase by using the appropriate technologies.

This is how you can create a Successful e-commerce business

Here are steps to follow when you’re ready to move  to create an e-commerce business:

Step #1: Choose your product

Before you begin, determine your niche. Even better, consider what you want to contribute to the market and start with a vision of the items you hope to sell.

Once you’ve decided on a specific product or service, take your time and do some research. Begin by researching other businesses in your industry. Pay attention to what they’re doing well and where you think you could improve. Examine their business model, marketing techniques, and website capabilities carefully. These observations can assist you in developing your own strategy.

Step #2: Find your target audience

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, you must identify your target customer. Consider who your ideal buyer is and what characteristics they possess. Creating a customer persona during this stage of the process can be beneficial.

A buyer persona is a fictitious representation of your ideal customer. This persona can help you predict customer behavior and better understand your prospective clients. Age, location, income level, and personal goals or values are all factors to consider when creating a persona. Whether or not you create detailed personas, remembering these characteristics can help you predict your real customers’ online presence and marketing preferences.

Step #3: Validate your product

Even if you have a clear vision for your product and a clear picture of your target audience, there are some significant obstacles to overcome before you can launch your brand. First, you must determine whether your concept will be viable in the real world. Consider both market-based criteria such as market size, competitors, and industry trends, as well as product-based criteria such as price point, markups, sales tactics, and regulations.

When validating your product, you should have a good idea of the costs you’ll face as a business owner. E-commerce sellers often have more pricing flexibility because they don’t have to pay for a storefront or, in the case of digital products, warehouse, and manufacturing costs.

Step #4: Build your website

After you’ve created your new business, it’s finally time to build your e-commerce website. Your goal should be to create a polished website that reflects your new brand’s values and aesthetics. The basic steps of website-building include:

  • Purchase a Domain & hosting with SSL
  • Mapping out your site
  • Designing your aesthetic
  • Building your pages
  • Integrating Payment Gateway
  • Optimizing your SEO:  Search engine optimization(SEO) is the key to gaining visibility online. Make sure you’re using keywords wisely so you can connect with as many customers as possible.
  • Launch your business

Step #5: Develop a marketing strategy

Marketing is critical for your store, both before and after it opens, so create a compelling marketing strategy to get the word out.

What metrics should you track?

Tracking e-commerce metrics can help you measure success by revealing what works for your customers and what could be improved. 
Most e-commerce platforms include some data tracking, but for truly robust metrics, connect your website to an analytics platform, such as Google Analytics.
Here are some parameters:
  • Website Traffic

  • Bounce rate:  Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after viewing only one page or interacting with just one area of your site.

  • Visitor conversion rate: The visitor conversion rate captures the percentage of website visitors who become paying customers.

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Konnectogrow July 27, 2022

Instagram account types and which is right for you- personal, creator, or business?

Most of us use Instagram to connect with our family and friends. This type of account is called a personal account but nowadays it’s not limited to just for personal connect but many businesses generating millions of revenues using this platform.

Well, those are creator accounts and business accounts. Now, you must be wondering to select the best one for you. Please take a look below to know which type of account suits you.

1.Personal Account

A personal account comes with basic features that users generally enjoy. These features are the very important kind of features available in personal accounts along with creator and business accounts. This account provides you to connect with your friends and family to stay up to date. You can scroll the feed section to see others’ content and if you like the post, you can like, comment and share.

Personal Account has no feature of any analytics access. The only benefit of a personal account is privacy. You can use Instagram without getting known to strangers. Only the known guy who follows you will be able to see your activities. Another best feature is to make your friend close.

Instagram Account

Instagram Personal Account

Is It for you?

If you are a user who just wants to share personal posts, stories, or anything that you want to make sure to keep updated about yourself to your followers.

If you are looking for fun, this is for you.

2. Creator Account

This type of account was added in 2019 to meet the special requirement for the content creators who are continuously trying to build their presence in the market. Content creators are public, unlike personal accounts. Users get in contact with their followers and fans and promote the brand.

From here the concept of Influencer marketing comes into the picture. Check more here about Influencer marketing

Instagram Creator Account

Instagram Creator Account

Creator accounts come with more features than personal accounts to create a brand on social media.

Some of the feature creator accounts include:

  • The Insight: This feature allows users to analyze their overall activities such as reach on the post, profile visits, saves, number of shares, website clicks. Users can view the audience’s demographic data.
  • Call to Action: Content creators have the accessibility to add a call-to-action button on their profile which actually helps the creator to connect with the audience.
  • Two-tab Inbox: This feature helps to filter the chat or the messages in the inbox. The primary box shows only important messages received from the accounts you follow and the message creator wants to notify. And another general box that shows the message that the creator doesn’t want to notify for. requests that are not important to you.

Is it for you?

It is for you if you want to be an influencer and if you create content to build your presence in the public. If you want to earn some money by sharing your content, then a creator account is for you.

3. Business Account

The brand and company create the business account to access the features that help in the growth of their company. Business accounts are for better reach in the public and better marketing.

There are features that I have already mentioned in the creator account. All of them are also in business accounts but with more advanced features to help in the growth of the business.

If you have a business and want to grow the social media presence, a business account would be the perfect type.

Still, You have a question?  Feel free to connect with Konnectogrow

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Konnectogrow July 28, 2021

Digital Marketing trend you can’t ignore in 2021

In today’s age of technology, digital marketing is required for almost every field, whether it is business, news portals, online learning platforms, e-commerce, and more. IN 2019, when the COVID-19 pandemic came, more people came to know the power of digital marketing. Many small businesses established their service online and started reaching their potential customer through digital marketing. Digital marketing can boost your presence in today’s digital world. Who doesn’t want visibility or growth or sales for their service? Everyone wants right? Digital marketing makes it possible and helps you to reach your target in n times speed than you are having at present.

Let’s explore the digital marketing trend you can’t ignore in 2021.

1. Chatbots

While visiting the website you might have noticed the pop-up on your desktop, ready to help the visitors with questions that use AI-based technology to do instant replies to the visitors. This is another important part of the digital marketing trend in 2021. Chatbots are available 24/7 are ready to respond anytime for a better experience for the visitors. Other than websites, chatbots are used in the application too. Online e-commerce use chatbots to find about the customers more, and the online service by Ola, Uber in India also uses chatbots on their application that helps passengers to track the location of the driver.



Chatbot in Digital Marketing

2.Video Marketing

Another emerging trend in 2021 for digital marketing is video marketing. Visuals are more attractive to anyone. The company prefers video marketing nowadays that attracts their potential customers.

 In past, there were very few platforms to promote your products through online video but currently, there are many platforms today with millions of users. Brand promotion through short videos or reels is a new trend where brands are trying to include special features in the video and gets the attention of their potential customer in 20-30 seconds videos. Tiktok, Instagram Reels, YouTube reels, Mx Takatak, and many more platforms are in the market for reels promotion.

3.The User-Generated Content

Customers are likely to trust customers more than brands. Simply it means, if the user is itself helping to generate content for the product, this will generate sales for the brand. The very famous company named GoPro started their campaign to advertise their product through UGC. They came up with challenges with proper hashtags for their product and the existing user started posting with that hashtags and indirectly the existing user generating content. User-generated content helps brands to make relationships better.

4.Visual Search by Google Lens

Many people in the future are going to search for their product online by visual by which they can get exact or similar kind of product and automatically land them to the relevant store, selling the searched product. Other than google lenses, there are Pinterest lens and CamFind.

Google Lens

Google Lens Marketing


5.Marketing with an influencer

A face-value influencer with huge followers can help you in 2021 to market because their word of mouth reaches many. Marketing with the influencer for the same niche as yours would target the audience for your niche and more likely to get your sales.

6.Marketing with Lead generation

 This might be the best and cheapest marketing strategy that is emerging in 2021. Lead generation is a way to reach directly to the potential customer. After generating leads, one can go and target that customer who is more inclined towards your product and more likely to buy your product.

7.Social Media Marketing

social media

social media marketing

Social media presence helps in building the brand image overall. Having social media presence for your brand will also help in generating sales with a call to action on your page handle. Moreover, it is way more important because a brand can have an interaction with the customer. And interacting with the customer gives you feedback for the brand about the goods and bad, what’s need to upgrade in future, what they like, what kind of products they expect.

Here are some social media that you would go with for your brand presence for digital marketing:


While talking about social media, Facebook is the first one that comes to my mind. Not only this happens to me but with almost everyone as Facebook is the old player in the digital marketing area. Marketers used to promote their product even now but it has more users than any other social media platform. There is a lot more feature for the only marketer, promoting advertised post or video within a specific location with a particular category of people that would be more interested in your kind of product.


LinkedIn is all about professional and formal interaction social media among all the brilliant minds out there where people focus more on learning and engaging with a creative mind for the betterment of their career. Companies are using LinkedIn to find out the productive employee. But no doubt, there is the LinkedIn video were people are going to use as marketing in 2021.



Instagram also comes with its best and is different from other features for the marketing section. You can create a handle for the shop with a call to action that allows your customer to reach you. Recent reel update on Instagram has made marketers promote with short content video. And IGTV for the long content video which is going to be useful that you can’t ignore in 2021.

8. SEO

The very fast-growing trend in the digital marketing world is SEO without a doubt. It tends to be a more valuable skill that one must know of. SEO really helps in increase the visibility of your brand. It literally increases the traffic to your website.

9.Email Marketing

Getting people email IDs by getting them to sign up through a blog is the best way today people are following. There is another one by using the freemium model, first providing free service to collect interest customer and then after collecting email for the customer and making them aware for your premium service. Those who are interested in getting free service might likely get impressed and want to purchase the premium one.

What do you think about the Digital Marketing Services strategy for 2021? Konnectogrow provides you the best digital marketing services in the  Netherlands. Let’s connect and discuss.


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